An exclusive FULL DAY VIP Training on all things Instagram including our Instagram Training, Branding, Marketing, Sales & bossing your Business.

We get it.

Having someone manage your Instagram account for you sounds nice and all, but you would LOVE to know exactly how to do it for yourself in a way that makes you and your business bring in that money.

Also, you’re not too keen on having to spend hundreds every single month to do it for you.

You wanna learn from the pro’s exactly how it’s done, so you can build your very own empire on Instagram…

So we've created the 1:1 VIP Success Day to teach you EXACTLY what we provide for our Instagram Management clients.

All from the comfort of your own home.

If you're the kinda person who...

  • Loves doing your own social media
  • Wants to know how to MASTER bringing in major money from Instagram
  • Would like to increase your profits
  • Needs to up level your marketing & branding knowledge


I’m Anna Khanna
Founder of the Socialista Media

After being self-employed and building businesses for 20+ years, I set up Socialista to combine two of my biggest passions:
Growing businesses & social media!

I realised that by using my social media knowledge, I could help so many other business owners, just like you, to grow their businesses sooo much quicker!

Over the past few years, we’ve transformed from a one woman band into a gorgeous, thriving team and have become one of (if not, THE) largest Instagram agencies in the UK.

From Social Media Management and Online Training to hosting Masterclasses all over the UK, when it comes to getting booked and busy on social media – we’ve got you!

I created the VIP Success Day to give you everything you need to learn how to create the Business & Business Instagram OF DREAMS…

FULL INSTAGRAM GLOW UP to level up both your Skills & your Business

VIP Success Day

Your exclusive, private full day on ALL things business with our Director, Anna.

This is perfect for you if you’re tired of comparing your Business Instagram to others & want that FULL INSTAGRAM GLOW UP to level up both your Skills & your Business.

Here’s what we'll go through during your VIP Day...


We’ve hosted hundreds of 2 hour Instagram training sessions around the country, which left so many of you wanting even more! We realised that  just 2 hours wasn’t enough for some of you, so we’ve put all of that amazing Insta training into this day (and so much more).


We may be the biggest Insta Agency in the UK, but in order to claim that title, we had to create a solid all-in marketing presence. During your VIP Day, I will be analysing your biz and showing you even more ways to level up your online presence.


There’s a reason I get my clients 6 figure Black Friday sales. I know everything there is to know about selling online, maximising your sales potential and getting those enquiries coming in on repeat – all day, every day!


During your VIP Day, I will be going DEEP into your business plan to find places where you can be maximising your money-making potential. During EVERY VIP Success Day I’ve ever hosted, we’ve been able to find at minimum an extra few £ks in profits!

FULL INSTAGRAM GLOW UP to level up both your Skills & your Business


1-1 training is based around the tips and tricks to make insta work for your business, perfect for people starting out on Insta or who need to learn the basic structure to Instagram success.

VIP Success day is fully structured around you and your business.  It’s designed for the business owner who is ready to SMASH sales, to take their Insta to levels they didn’t know possible.  We talk branding, profits, turning enquiries into bookings etc…. Think of it like the FULL MOT for your online platform!

VIP Success Day teaches you how to be your own instagram manager.  You will learn the tips and tricks at management level, so that you don’t feel the need to take on a monthly management payment plan.  Simply put… it’s 1 initial spend that goes on to not only save you money, but MAKE you money!

No, but we accept credit card and PayPal credit where you can get 0% interest on the first 4 months for items over £99

As with all marketing, nothing is 100% guaranteed.  BUT from proven track record and an abundance of 5 star reviews based on VIP Success Day, it’s pretty clear that the success rate is HIGH!

Yes, please message us direct and we will always do our absolute best to come up with a date that works for you