Engagement Pods

Engagement Group Via Facebook Messenger & Instagram Group Messenger

Instagram & Facebooks algorithm PRIORITISES content from accounts that users have interacted with a lot as well as ads.
If a person often leaves comments on your posts, or if they have notifications enabled for your account, or you DM each other, or you tag each other in your posts, then the algorithm recognises that the two of you are “close.”
Posts must have a certain level of engagement in order for the platform to highlight your content to most of your followers & move further up the feed.

Having a high level of engagement signals to the platform that your content is FIRE & the next time you post your content should be featured to more of your followers.
This has proven in the past few months that it has had an increase in reach, impressions, enquires & sales.

A Facebook Message group can hold up to 150 people & an Instagram DM group has up to 32… You will be placed in both groups which are mainly female & UK based!
Most of these people will be commenting and liking your posts & you can send Instagram & Facebook links!

20% VAT is included on all prices.

All I wanted was for my social media platforms to bring in business and pay for themselves. Socialista Media surpassed my expectations and is now my only form of marketing.

Kieran Congdon

Kieran Congdon