Social Media Management

Do you always think at the end of the day “I haven’t taken any photos & I haven’t posted on Social Media, I’m too busy” or do you think “I wish I got more business from Social Media”?!

If you think either of the above then we are perfect for you! We provide fun & interactive Social Media Management to match your businesses goals!

So this is what we do:

We have access to your account.
We post every other day, once a day, twice a day or three times a day (whatever package you choose).
We include a theme so your profile looks aesthetically brilliant, neat & tidy.
Your following will increase so we will always be promoting your business to new faces.
We post about your products, services, offers & whatever you need.
We include relevant hashtags so your business will come up in Instagram searches
We include your location so your business will come up in location searches
The first month is a trial run to see how you like working with us then it’s a two month rolling contract so no massive commitment.
And lastly, we want to increase sales & enquiries from your social media accounts.

Social Media Management Packages

We all use more than one Social Media Platform don’t we?! Here are some bundles that also includes some discount:
(If you’re preferred bundle isn’t here then email hello@socialistamedia.co.uk so we can create a discounted one for you!

20% VAT is included on all prices.

All I wanted was for my social media platforms to bring in business and pay for themselves. Socialista Media surpassed my expectations and is now my only form of marketing.

Kieran Congdon

Kieran Congdon