January blog

January blog

Whilst the rest of the world was in bed nursing their hangovers on the 1st of January,team Socialista was busy launching, not one, but two hugely exciting, international projects for you.

Our first launch of 2019 was our brand new “Content Creation” e-book. Since the original shift from Instagram’s chronological feed, we have had so many messages from confused Instagrammers asking what you should post & when to post.

Currently the new Instagram algorithm, which determines how highly your posts are ranked, is mainly based on engagement.
When a post gets great engagement, this signals to the Instagram algorithm that your post is quality, engaging content that more people will want to see.

Our bespoke e-book includes 10 top Socialista tips and tricks designed to increase your interactions & ultimately sales on Instagram. And at only £20 it’s an absolute bargain! So what are you waiting for?! Beat the algorithm today! 

If our e-book launch wasn’t quite enough for you we are now offering worldwide One-to-One Instagram training via Zoom.

Every week we get new requests for Instagram training in different cities and whilst we can’t be everywhere we can now reach you all online!

Through Zoom we can share our expertise on screen via a PowerPoint and personally talk you through all of our top business tips for Instagram.

The zoom session lasts for an hour and a half and is priced at only £80.

Would you be interested in Zoom training with one of our Instagram experts?

Drop us a DM to book on to our next session!

In January we also made two super exciting Instagram Training venue announcements.

We know what you are thinking! “But Socialistas didn’t you only announce a new Liverpool venue in December?” Well yes, but hear us out!

During January the most Instagrammable venue we have ever seen, Dash,

reached out and invited us to hold our one-to-one Instagram training sessions with them. And we just COULD NOT refuse! 

The Victoria Street hotspot will now be the home of all of our Liverpool training sessions and we could not be happier!

In Manchester we have teamed up with the cities newest hot spot Manahatta to bring you our famous one to one training.

The New York inspired bar is not just the perfect location for Instagram inspirationwith Neons Galore, they also make a mean cocktail if you fancy a post training treat! 

Would you be interested in joining us in either Liverpool, Manchester or Chester to learn more about Instagram for business? All course dates can be found on our website, so get yourselves booked in!

Last month we launched our first group Instagram training sessions.

We held sessions for 10 social savvy babes at the North West Training Nail station and the girls at one of our favourite ever salons, GirlGangxo Liverpool.

The group training sessions are currently focused on the beauty industry and can be held in the comfort of your own salon.

Any attendees get 50% off the price of a One-to-One training session and will learn all of the same amazing tips. Would you be interested in holding a training session for your staff? Drop us a DM for to get booked in.

We started 2019 with more Social Media Management clients than ever. From Beauticians to Prestige Car Sales we have been busy delivering bespoke management bundles, themes and schedules to suit everyone’s business needs.

Our management packages are full for February please but please get in touch now to book your consultation and join the waiting list for March.

Earlier in the month we organized a huge, exciting photo shoot with the amazing Joanna Rose photography. We shot so many different rose gold themed flat lays which you will see appearing across our social channels over the upcoming weeks, so make sure you are following us with post notifications turned on so you don’t miss a single shot.

And finally no month would be complete without a trip to the brand new Doll Beauty salon. Since the grand opening last month we have made several trips to the dreamy pink parlour in Topshop Liverpool. The girls at the salon treated us to a perfect pamper accompanied by snacks of popcorn and Ferrero Rocher, all washed down with a pink gin and tonic. What more could a girl want to end the perfect month?!

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